First off, I want to apologise for being ridiculously quiet.


Right, now that that’s out of the way I can get on with what I wanted to talk about…

A while back I made a post about chiptune and LSDj, which I was introduced to by my friend K-Dex and the lovely folk at Gameface. A few weeks ago I was asked to help out with a post for their site (I’m not cheating, I promise! It was just a fling!) in which I reviewed “Emily is Away”. Due to the interactive nature of the show I always tweet or Skype in, so they’ve grown accustomed to the somewhat annoying Corvo Lavender.

Last Sunday was their last live show of the year, and thusly their Christmas special, which I was invited in to be a part of.

Live from the North Pole, we trekked through the barren arctic tundra, losing Auracle and Rich on the way. Eventually we made it to Santa’s grotto and chaos ensued…

I won’t tell you any more, as the show gets repeated this Sunday so that there isn’t an empty slot on the station. All I’ll tell you is how to listen, and to bear in mind that the guys had just completed a 24-hour Twitch livestream for Macmillan which has so far raised £289.30 which you can donate to here.

To listen to the show, and hear 2xAA‘s Merry Chipmas, along with a very rowdy Santa, check out their site, or download the TuneIn Radio app for android and iOS devices. Alternatively, if you’re a little late to the party, check out the podcast on Mixcloud or iTunes.

However you listen, make sure to spread the word and protome the chiptune and Gameface scene to your friends, family, weirdo co-workers

Apologies for all of the hyperlinks, but it was hella fun to do.